Rate-of-production analysis (ROPA) data directly from laminarSMOKE

3 years 3 months ago #77 by Hafiz
I want to do ROP analysis on my coflow case by using data from laminarSMOKE. I am aware that I can do this by using OpenSMOKE++ suite solver but an analysis of my simulated case directly from laminarSMOKE data would be sublime. This is an example of what I am trying to achieve (Saggese, 2015):

An old user of laminarSMOKE told me that he was able to do get data for ROPA directly in laminarSMOKE by adding the following code into "/constant/solverOption" back then:
ROPA                   on;

I checked the readOptions.h and "/solvers/laminarSMOKEpostProcessor/" folder but the ROPA option is not available now it seems. I was wondering if it was removed in the newer version of laminarSMOKE and also how can I get the data for ROPA directly from my case in laminarSMOKE?

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