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OpenSMOKE++ is a general framework developed by the CRECK Modeling Lab for numerical simulations of reacting systems with detailed kinetic mechanisms, including thousands of chemical species and reactions.


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OpenSMOKE++ framework can handle simulations of ideal reactors, shock-tubes, rapid compression machines, laminar 1D flames and multidimensional reacting flows

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OpenSMOKE++ adopts advanced numerical techniques able to reduce the computational cost, without sacrificing the accuracy and the robustness of the calculations

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OpenSMOKE++ is completely free for Academic use! We only ask you to register on our website and cite OpenSMOKE++ in your publications



OpenSMOKE++ can handle simulations of ideal reactors, shock-tubes, rapid compression machines, 1D laminar flames and multidimensional reacting systems, and it provides useful numerical tools such as the sensitivity and rate of production analyses.

OpenSMOKE++ is distributed in three main packages.


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OpenSMOKE++ Suite

Simulation of ideal reactors (batch, plug-flow, perfectly stirred reactors), shock-tubes, rapid compression machines, laminar 1D flames (freely propagating and burner stabilized flames, counter-flow diffusion flames)

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Solvers for steady-state and unsteady reacting flows in arbitrarly complex multidimensional geometries with detailed kinetic mechanisms (based on OpenFOAM)

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Automatic reduction of detailed kinetic mechansims to a skeletal level, to allow their use in large scale CFD simulations. DoctorSMOKE++ is currently under testing. We plan to release it in a few months.

News from OpenSMOKE++

PhD Position available!

The CRECK Modeling Lab is looking for candidates for a PhD position for a research project in collaboration with Department of Energy on hydrogen combustion 🔥. The project aims at developing and optimizing new burners fed with hydrogen to enhance efficiency, ensure safety, and minimize pollutant emissions.

OptiSMOKE++: a toolbox for optimization of kinetic mechanisms

OpenSMOKE++ was used in OptiSMOKE++, a flexible toolbox for the optimization of chemical kinetics. The toolbox is the resultof a collaboration between the CRECK Modeling Lab at Politecnico di Milano and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. OptiSMOKE++ is described in a paper recently published on Computer Physics Communication with title: "OptiSMOKE++: A toolbox for optimization of chemical kinetic mechanisms".

New paper on fuel droplets burning in microgravity

OpenSMOKE++ was used for simulating the evaporation and combustion of isolated fuel droplets. The work is a collaboration between the CRECK Modeling Lab, Cornell University, University of San Diego California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. The main results have been published on Fuel in a paper with title: "Simulating combustion of a seven-component surrogate for a gasoline/ethanol blend including soot formation and comparison with experiments".


The OpenSMOKE++ tools are described in the following papers:

Cuoci, A., Frassoldati, A., Faravelli, T., Ranzi, E., Computer Physics Communications, 192, pp. 237-264 (2015), DOI: 10.1016/j.cpc.2015.02.014

Cuoci, A., Frassoldati, A., Faravelli, T., Ranzi, E., (2013) Energy and Fuels, 27 (12), pp. 7730-7753 (2013), DOI: 10.1021/ef4016334

Stagni, A., Cuoci, A., Frassoldati, A., Faravelli, T., Ranzi, E., Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 53 (22), pp. 9004-9016 (2016), DOI: 10.1021/ie403272f


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