OpenSMOKE++ Suite

OpenSMOKE++ Suite is a general framework for numerical simulations of reacting systems with very detailed kinetic mechanisms, including thousands of chemical species and reactions. OpenSMOKE++ can handle simulations of ideal chemical reactors (plug-flow, batch, and jet stirred reactors), shock-tubes, rapid compression machines, laminar 1D flames (freely propagating flames, burner stabilized flames, counterflow diffusion flames).

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The OpenSMOKE++ framework has been couple to the well known OpenFOAM CFD framework, for building several solvers for modeling reacting flows in arbitrarly complex 2D/3D geometries with detailed kinetic mechanisms, in steady-state and unsteady conditions. The currently available solvers are:


modeling laminar multidimensional flames


modeling turbulent flames through the EDC (Eddy Dissipation Concept) model


Modeling turbulent flames through the Steady Laminar Flamelet model


DoctorSMOKE++ is a numerical framerk for automatic reduction of detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms to a skeletal level, in such a way to allow their use for the numerical applications of interest.

Documentation coming soon!

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